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The Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB) issued a public notice on the 15th of May 2023 calling upon all entities registered with it to update their data.
In December 2022, URSB launched of an Online Business Registration System (OBRS). The OBRS is a fully-fledged electronic system that facilitates seamless registration of companies, business names, legal documents, insolvency and other related services. 
 Purpose of the data update exercise
URSB rolled out this data update exercise for purposes of onboarding all entities registered with it before the 9th of December 2022. 
This process shall involve validating the data of the registered entities as well as ensuring its accuracy and correctness. 
How will the data update exercise be conducted?
A registered entity must first create an account on the Online Business Registration System (OBRS) which is accessible at
The Business Registration Number of the entity will need to be entered in order to load the Company or business name details and start the data update process.
The data submitted will then be validated by URSB and thereafter, a business account will be created through which all future transactions of the company will be conducted.   
Information to be submitted by a Company in the data update process 
An entity will have to provide the following information:
Valid Business Registration Number (800XXXXXXXXXXX);
Valid email address, mobile phone number, and postal address of the company; 
Physical address details of the entity; 
National Identification Number (NINs) and copies of IDs for the Company Directors, Sole Proprietor, Partners, and Shareholders (for Ugandans);
Valid Passports of Company Directors and Shareholders (for foreigners);
Beneficial Ownership information for Companies and Limited Liability Partnerships. 

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