Here Is A List Of Hexing Yaka Meter Codes You Need To Know

Hexing Yaka Meter Codes are the new normal supporting UMEME’s new prepaid Yaka meters in Uganda. Unlike previous Conlog Yaka Meters, Hexing equips new features including data display, energy measurement and keypad input functions.

In particular, the Hexing CIU EV500 is a new UMEME Yaka meter offered for new connection customers across Uganda. By design, the meter ships a closed type design with no visible input ports to protect it from external attacks and hacks.

Hexing Yaka Meter Codes to note

800Total active forward energy
801Credit balance
802Current Date
803Current Time
804Check your Meter serial number
805SGC number
806Reason for UMEME current operation
807See your Current Meter status
808Total instantaneous power
809View the Tariff index
810Overdraft limit
811Emergency credit
812Turn off the low-units beep alarm
813See the total amount Units active yesterday
814The total active units of the current month
815Last Yaka Token Date
816Last Token purchase time
817Last received Yaka Token amount
818Return logoff TOKEN
819Check scheduled Times for UMEME Power Off in your area
820Total active energy for last1 month
821Total active energy of the last 2 months
822Total active units for the last 3 months
823Total active energy for the last 4 months
824Total active energy for the last 5 months
825Total active energy of the last 6 months
830TOKEN number of your 1st recharge
831TOKEN code of your 2nd last recharge
832TOKEN number of the 3rd last recharge
833TOKEN code of your 4th last recharge
834TOKEN number of your 5th last recharge
835TOKEN code of the 6th last recharge
836TOKEN number of your 7th last recharge
837TOKEN code of your 8th last recharge
838TOKEN number of your 9th last recharge
839TOKEN code of your 10th last recharge
865Check if your Meter is in normal mode
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